Faculty of International Liberal Arts For Prospective Students and Admissions

International Dorms, a virtual “study abroad” experience

To allow students to focus on their study, FILA students who wish to do so can spend the first semester before they start their study abroad in our international dormitories. Female students stay in the Soshun Dorm and male students stay in the Yuko Dorm.
The Soshun Dorm and Yuko Dorm accommodates international students belonging to the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, as well as other international students, alongside Japanese students.
After their return from the study abroad, Year 2 students can opt to stay during the second semester in the Soshun or Yuko Dorms (There is no facility for storage of students' belongings while they are abroad). In Year 3 and 4, students would commute to the campus from their own homes or rented accommodation.

Soshun Dorm
Yuko Dorm