Faculty of International Liberal Arts Careers

Charting Future Careers

Success in careers as global leaders: powered by effective and enhanced language skills, as well as cross-cultural communication skills,

Graduates of the Faculty of International Liberal Arts will have learned internationally viable skills that open doors to the world, namely language proficiency, interdisciplinary perspectives, analytical aptitude and cross-cultural communication skills.
With mental agility and the ability to innovate solutions, students can look forward to challenging global careers, including jobs in Japan and overseas, as well as advanced degrees in graduate schools abroad for greater specialization, knowledge and research.

●Fields of Work

FILA graduates can expect to choose from a wide range of career options including employment in global companies (here in Japan or overseas), government and public bodies, NGO/NPO, as well as in international organizations.

Faculty of International Liberal Arts
Global companies (Japan, overseas) 
Government/public bodies, NGO (non-governmental organizations),
NPO (non-profit organizations)
Graduate School (Japan, overseas)
International organizations
(e.g. United Nations)

Careers Service

The Career Center gives carefully tailored career support to individual students so that each can find a path that is suitable to his or her personality and interests, uncovering a direction for his or her future.
Global Leader College is a career training program that educates global leaders. The Global Career Meeting is a program that supports the careers of international students. Besides these initiatives, alumni and senior students actively assist in the employment search process.