The current curriculum applies only to Academic Year 2017 matriculates. Curriculum revisions for matriculates in Academic Year 2018 onwards are currently in process. About the outline of the new curriculum, please go the section “For Prospective Students and Admissions”

4-Year Program Flow

Year 1 Semester 1 at Soka University→ Semester 2 Study Abroad

Study Abroad for All Students (Year 1 Semester 2 → Year 2 Semester 1)
Year 1 Semester 1 starts with English course instruction for all courses and preparations for study abroad; Study abroad begins Semester 2: Students will acquire language proficiency and develop cross-cultural understanding
  • ○High level of English proficiency and cross-cultural understanding

Year 2 Semester 1 Study Abroad → Year 2 Semester 2 through Year 3 Semester 1

Enhancing Interdisciplinary Study
  • ○ Analysis of various social issues from interdisciplinary perspectives, creative problem solving, Seminar I
  • ○ Broadly based knowledge of the humanities and social sciences
  • ○ Proficiency in English usage and essential learning skills, plus cross-cultural understanding

Year 3 Semester 2 → Year 4 Semester 2

Research and Inquiry into Greater Specialization
Capstone Project
Seminar II, Seminar III
Students complete their studies, achieving their global careers.

Program Model

The Faculty of International Liberal Arts at Soka University will set a new standard in international liberal arts. Our goal is to develop global leaders for the 21st century. 
The FILA Program Model targets 124 course credits in 4 years, enabling students to improve communication skills in English, develop their skills of inquiry and analysis and  nurture their cross-cultural understanding.

Semester University Studies and Soka Education English Language Second Foreign Languages FILA Departmental Courses (Required) FILA Departmental Courses(Electives) Elective Courses Total Credits
Semester Total
1 University Studies and Soka Education course 2 EAP 2     Academic Foundations 2         16 16
Basic Seminar I 2
Cross-cultural Understanding 4
Introductory Statistics 4
2     EAP:
Study Abroad I
8     AF: Study Abroad I 6         14 30
3     EAP:
Study Abroad II
8     AF: Study Abroad II 6         14 44
4 University Studies and Soka Education course 2         Introduction to Global Culture & Society 4         18 62
Introduction to International Relations & Politics 4
Introduction to Global Economy and Business 4
Basic Seminar II 2
Academic Writing I 2
5         Second Foreign Languages course I 2 Seminar I 2 History and Culture 4 Natural Sciences Course 2 18 80
International Relations and Politics 4
Economics and Business 4
6         Second Foreign Languages course II 2 Seminar II 2 History and Culture 4 Natural Sciences Course 2 18 98
International Relations and Politics 4
Economics and Business 4
7             Seminar III 2 One Course 4 Four Courses 8 14 112
8             Capstone 4     Four Courses 8 12 124
Total Credits 4 18 4 50 28 20※1 124  

Graduation Requirements

【 Graduation Requirements for the Faculty of International Liberal Arts 】

  • Registration as student at Soka University for four or more years
  • Completion 124 credits or more
  • Total GPA for the entire student registration period of 2 or higher

【 Program Completion: The following courses are to be studied in four years 】

1, Core Curriculum
26 credits
Students are required to obtain credits listed in (1) to (2) below.

(1) 4 credits from University Studies and Soka Education courses
(2) 18 credits from English Language courses
(3) 4 credits from Second Foreign Languages courses or language courses (Japanese)
2, FILA Departmental Courses
78 credits
Students are required to obtain credits listed in (1) and (2) below.

(1) 50 credits from required courses in the Faculty's core curriculum
(2) 12 credits chosen from either (a), (b) or (c) below; 8 credits each from the other groups of courses in (a), (b), or (c).
(a) History and Culture; (b) International Relations and Politics; (c) Economics and Business
3, Electives
20 credits or more
Courses completed beyond the requirements of the Core Curriculum or Special Subjects of the Faculty and Special Subjects of other faculties.
Among electives, 8 credits from courses that are designated as "Natural Sciences" by the University.

* Note: The compulsory course, Introductory Statistics (4 credits) to be taken in Year 1 Semester 1 is designated as a "Natural Science" course and therefore, if Natural Science courses (in total 4 credits) are chosen as elective courses, the requirement for Designated Courses will be satisfied.