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Professor Ozturk Presents at an International Conference; His Paper Appears in a Journal

2015 / 11 / 06

On November 5 and 6 (Sri Lanka local time), the “3rd International Conference on Hospitality & Tourism Management-2015” was held in Sri Lanka, and Professor U. Aytun Ozturk of Soka University’s Faculty of International Liberal Arts gave a presentation titled, “Impact of Destination Attributes on Satisfaction for Cruise Visitors.” In addition, a paper of his was carried in “Tourism Geographies: An International Journal of Tourism Space, Place and Environment.”

The title of his paper introduced in the journal is: “Destination attributes, satisfaction, and intent to revisit and recommend for cruise visitors.” This was a survey and analysis of what cruise visitors are seeking depending on their destination.

Professor Ozturk’s expertise is in Management Science, Industrial Engineering, and Operations Research.
He explained that there are various issues in society and the world, as well as issues that companies and organizations face, and his expertise is to collect data pertaining to these issues, perform analysis, and provide solutions. He said that it is his joy as a researcher to be able to give back to society by presenting the results of his analyses, thereby contributing to a better social cycle.

The abstract of Professor Ozturk’s presentation is as follows.
This study aims to test the relationship between attributes of a destination and self-declared satisfaction of cruise visitors. We also test impact of satisfaction, distance and socio-demographic factors on intend to return or recommend the destination. The survey developed is used to collect data in Oahu. We make use of binary and ordinal logistic regression in testing the hypotheses developed and employ principal components analysis to reduce redundancy. Our results indicate that satisfaction with prices, safety and transportation highly influence satisfaction with the destination. We also reconfirm the link established in the literature between satisfaction with the destination and intent to revisit and recommend. Distance negatively impacts intent to revisit, whereas impact of other sociodemographic factors is found to be insignificant. The results can be used to help destination managers understand the characteristics of cruise visitors and determine how best to allocate limited budgets in improving the amenities provided at the destination to satisfy cruise visitors.

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